Oversized four-way server motherboard
    Release time:2022-12-29    Views:512
    Delton Technology Inc has been committed to high-end PCB manufacturing with high-speed and high-frequency as the main products, which are mainly used in data center, cloud computing, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, automotive electronics, security and printing and other terminal fields. Delton has long served well-known customers at home and abroad. Over the years, the company's scale and technical capability have maintained continuous and rapid growth in the PCB field, and have been evaluated as excellent suppliers and long-term strategic partners by the company's main customers for many years.
    Product Introduction

    Four-way server motherboard, including four central processors, each processor supports two rows of 12 memory slots in total. The motherboard is equipped with at least two standard X8 PCIe slots and six standard X16 slots. PCIe expansion boards are selected through high-speed cable expansion.

    The process difficulty of the main board is as follows: layers ≥ 14, high aspect ratio, minimum drilling 0.2mm, aspect ratio above 10:1. Ordinary electroplating equipment can not meet the requirements of process and production efficiency, and pulse electroplating is required. It is made of high-speed materials, and plasma is often used to remove drilling dirt. In addition, the control requirements for line width/spacing are relatively high, so it is often necessary to use LDI exposure machine to transfer graphics to ensure that the corresponding high-precision line width/spacing control can be met, so as to achieve more stringent impedance control requirements. In addition, because of the high requirements for signal insertion loss, different grades of high-speed materials will be used for processing and monitoring of insertion loss. In addition, due to the large area of the whole board, the control of defects is very strict. One defect is enough to lead to the scrapping of the whole board, and the cost of quality deviation is relatively high.