ESG(Environmental, Social, and Governance)

ESG has become a global consensus and a new driver for economic development.
Delton works together with our partners to achieve high-quality development through
comprehensive ESG practices.

ESG Strategic Pillars

*The above shows the key performance of 2023

Delton Technology
ESG Report 2023

This report focuses on disclosing Delton Technology (Guangzhou) Inc.'s policies, progress, and outlook of ESG management.

Whistleblowing Center

Delton Technology advocates honest and clean operation. If you find that the company employees and partners have serious violations of integrity in their business activities, you can truthfully report to the Group Audit Department in real name or anonymously through the following channels. We will keep the whistleblower identity and the content of the report confidential.

Phone Number

(86)020-8221 0789



Post address

Audit Department, No 22 Baoying South Road, Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, GuangzhouCity, Guangdong Province, 510700 China