AI intelligent server motherboard
    Release time:2022-12-29    Views:656
    Delton Technology Inc has been committed to high-end PCB manufacturing with high-speed and high-frequency as the main products, which are mainly used in data center, cloud computing, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, automotive electronics, security and printing and other terminal fields. Delton has long served well-known customers at home and abroad. Over the years, the company's scale and technical capability have maintained continuous and rapid growth in the PCB field, and have been evaluated as excellent suppliers and long-term strategic partners by the company's main customers for many years.
    Product Introduction

    AI is currently a very hot field. In this field, it has realized the current functions of intelligent recognition, robot application, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and has provided great assistance in the current national economic development.

    These products generally use GPU and other graphics processors as the core, and many PCIe display devices as peripherals to realize image recognition and artificial intelligence learning and other functions. Its PCB products are generally about 2.5~4.0mm thick, with large size, at least 400 * 500mm, and the minimum drilling tool is 0.2mm. Most of them are processed by the process of back drilling+resin plug hole+POFV, and will be processed by Ultra Low Loss material to meet the higher line insertion loss control requirements. The line grade is generally about 0.08/0.08mm, and the internal and external impedance control requirements are relatively high, with some requirements of ± 8%.