Her power in Delton Technology (Guangzhou) Inc.
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In the workplace, they are dedicated professionals, With their unique wisdom, intelligence, and determination, They work together with their teams to achieve remarkable accomplishments. Today, we have selected 8 female representatives from Delton To show everyone what "Her Power" is all about.


Hong Zeng General Manager Started in 2013


Q1:As the General Manager, what insights have you gained from the first ten-year growth journey of Delton Technology(Guangzhou) Inc.(DTI)?

 A:After experiencing the challenging entrepreneurial journey for survival and the rising development journey of finding direction, DTI seized the market opportunity in computing power and persevered with a long-term vision. Through dedication, progress, and hard work, we have undergone a rebirth. In the past ten years of growing together with DTI, I have gained more confidence and passion. The new decade will usher in new hopes, and these hopes carry new dreams. The outstanding team at DTI has strengthened my determination to continue moving forward!

Q2:As a woman striving in the PCB industry, when facing challenges, what do you believe is the most essential spirit to have?

 A:Regardless of the industry or gender, dedication and focus are crucial for achieving success. It is through focus that we persevere, through perseverance that we succeed, and through success that we develop passion and confidence. With confidence and passion, we gain the courage to face and overcome any challenges.

Q3:How to understand Her power?

A:In my view, "Her Power" represents having an independent personality and a clear life direction. It involves the ability to exhibit confidence and resilience to face challenges. It means being assertive while maintaining kindness towards others. It entails a passion for work, a love for life, and a heart filled with positivity.

JianQing He Finance Department Director Started in 2017


Q1:With years of financial work experience, could you please introduce your understanding of financial work?

 A:Finance should not be limited to being a "bookkeeper." It must extend to every detail of corporate governance, including process monitoring and taking responsibility for outcomes. The role of finance has evolved from being a traditional "bookkeeper" to becoming a "financial steward" for the company.

Q2:Can you please share your work experience and discuss how this experience has influenced you in becoming an outstanding Chief Financial Officer?

 A:I’m so grateful for my 7-year management career at FOXCONN, where I benefited greatly from their training on management principles and strong work ethics. However, the most significant experience for me has been at DTI, where I have been working since 2017. Together with everyone, I have been striving and witnessing the company's growth, as well as personally experiencing the development of the finance team.

Q3:How do you quickly adjust your mindset to balance work and personal life in the face of high work demands?

A:When I feel tired and exhausted, I don't rely on energy drinks like Red Bull. Instead, playing a game of badminton rejuvenates me. And if that's not enough, there's always some delicious food in the cafeteria.


QiuXiang Wu Purchasing Department Director Started in 2021


Q1:What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your work, and how did you overcome it?

A:The biggest challenge I have encountered in my work is when the team failed to meet the clients' needs and expectations. There was a lack of collaboration and efficiency among different departments, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes窗体顶端

Through continuous guidance and mentoring from the leadership, as well as constant self-reflection and learning, I recognized my own shortcomings. I then took the initiative to lead the team in studying management classics together.


Q2:From what I understand, the procurement team has initiated a wave of learning. How did you initiate and encourage everyone?

 A:Breaking cognitive boundaries, freeing oneself from mental constraints, understanding oneself and understanding the company's needs, looking at departmental issues from the perspective of company operations, overcoming development bottlenecks, and enhancing personal value and overall competitiveness. The capabilities of an individual are limited, but the power of a team is infinite. With the goal of aligning each team member with the company's strategy, forming a core learning group and then extending it to the entire department, we studied works such as Inamori Kazuo's and Peter Drucker's "The five Endeavors". It is important for everyone to understand that they are all managers and that the company's matters are their own.

Q3:Share how to maintain a lasting love for work?

A:As an independent woman in the workplace, work can showcase her own value. She has been working in the PCB industry for over 20 years, adhering to a sincere and altruistic heart to work, and constantly growing herself with the footsteps of enterprise growth. The joy of growing up has given me endless motivation to love my work. I will lead my team members to learn and grow together, and make greater contributions to the company. Finally, sincerely express gratitude to the company, leaders, and colleagues.

Hong OuYang  Audit Department Senior manager Started in 2013


Q1:Could you please share with us a memorable or rewarding moment from your work experience?

A:The most memorable and fulfilling moment in my work experience was when I led my team to successfully accomplish challenging tasks and received recognition. It was also rewarding to witness the growth and development of both team members and myself. For instance, in the System Management Department, the moment we successfully obtained certifications from demanding clients after diligent efforts stood out. Similarly, in the Audit Department, completing high-quality audit projects and effectively resolving audit issues to gain recognition from others was truly gratifying.

Q2:What was the biggest change for you when transitioning from System management Department to Audit Department?

A:The biggest change for me in transitioning from quality management to auditing was that I went from being busy with the operational aspects of my work to having more time to focus on strategic matters. Due to the shift in job responsibilities, I needed to allocate more time to learn and understand the responsibilities and knowledge associated with the auditing role. Therefore, learning and practicing became integral to my daily work in auditing as I strived to become more proficient in the field.

Q3:Is there any message to encourage female colleagues?

A: Don't refuse to study at any time, whether it's in work or life. By learning at work, one can become professional, and by learning in life, one can always keep up with the pace of the times. Never stop striving and striving. Struggle is an eternal topic of this era. Regardless of gender, age, or industry, as long as one has aspirations, is down-to-earth, and strives hard, they can contribute their own value in their ordinary positions. Women who strive and strive deserve to be respected!

Ling Tian R&D Project Manager Started in 2020


Q1:What was your initial impression of the company when you join Delton   Technology Inc(DTI)?
A:The initial impression that DTI gave me was pragmatic, diligent, and sincere, aligning well with my personal values. This has also filled me with confidence in the future development of the company.

Q2:Could you share the moment from your work that brought you a great sense of achievement?
A:The most profound and rewarding moment for me was when we were informed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that our project had been awarded and successfully approved as a major special project. Within a span of three weeks, we collectively accomplished a seemingly "impossible task." This achievement was the outcome of efficient collaboration among all levels of leadership, colleagues, and partners, as well as the relentless efforts of key team members in our research institute. It not only deepened my sense of belonging and happiness within our team but also filled me with a great sense of accomplishment.

Q3:How do you balance work and life, and what methods can you share with us?
A:I fully dedicate myself during work hours to enhance work efficiency. I strive to complete tasks on the same day and aim to finish work within the designated work hours. Once I return home, I immediately switch roles and prioritize spending time with my elderly family members and children.

LingYun Kang Finance Department Manager Started in 2022


Q1:What was your initial impression of the company when you join Delton   Technology Inc(DTI)?
A:At Delton Technology Inc., From my perspective, we have proactive and ambitious leaders, as well as a hardworking and dedicated team. We are committed to delivering industry-leading products and have the determination to explore new business opportunities.

Q2:What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your work, and how did you overcome it?

A:The attitude we have towards pressure and challenges can greatly impact how we approach problem-solving. If we believe that a particular issue is unsolvable, we may find ourselves facing more difficulties. However, if we face the situation as challenging but surmountable, and steadily push forward, we will gradually overcome each problem and achieve success, albeit at a slower pace. Ultimately, our attitude determines the outcome.

Q3:Is there any message to encourage female colleagues?

A:Some people often believe that it is difficult for women to balance family and work, as if we can only choose one and not have both. However, I believe that fully committing ourselves in different contexts is an effective approach. Being focused and efficient at work, and patient and gentle with our family members, allows women to switch seamlessly between these two roles. We can be successful career women and capable wives and mothers at the same time.

XiaoDi Meng Production Department Deputy Manager Started in 2016



Q1:How do you hold yourself accountable in the workplace?

A:Throughout my years in the workplace, I have received recognition as well as faced doubts, criticism, and misunderstandings. There were moments when I contemplated giving up, but I persevered until the end. I hold myself accountable by prioritizing a strong sense of responsibility in everything I do. Alongside responsibility, I focus on employing effective methods to achieve goals. These methods include building personal charisma, developing team-building skills, enhancing my professional expertise, fostering leadership abilities, improving coordination skills, and strengthening communication capabilities.

Q2:What is currently the biggest challenge you face in your work? How do you overcome it?

A:Currently, the biggest challenge I face in my work revolves around team building, personnel retention, and skill enhancement. Specifically, skill enhancement refers to how, as a member responsible for production planning and scheduling in this digital age, I can effectively improve production efficiency and meet customer demands with the lowest cost and fastest speed. In a context where there is a shortage of manpower and the workforce tends to be restless, as a manager, I believe that personal conviction is the fundamental key to overcoming these challenges. Often, the belief in whether I can or cannot accomplish something lies in a single thought.

Q3:Is there any message to encourage female colleagues?

A:Life requires boundaries: matters beyond our control, other people's affairs, and our own affairs. You just need to focus on managing your own matters, enhancing your own value, and loving yourself wholeheartedly. Love yourself openly, unapologetically, and radiantly. When you love yourself, you can love the world wholeheartedly, and the world will treat you kindly. Be a woman of substance, exuding beauty and elegance, and embrace self-reliance and independence.


Xin Huang R&D Specialist Started in 2023



Q1:After obtaining your doctoral degree, what was the reason or opportunity for you to choose the PCB industry instead of staying in academia?

A:In 2014, during my graduate studies, I had my first encounter with the PCB industry. I subsequently had the opportunity to collaborate with various PCB companies through exchanges and cooperation initiated by my advisor. Through these collaborations, I witnessed breakthroughs in technology and gradually developed a desire to establish myself in the PCB industry. During these interactions, I also learned about the inspiring stories of numerous female managers leading their teams, which further fueled my curiosity and deepened my understanding of the industry's allure.

Q2:What are the challenges and changes that this job has brought to you?

A:The biggest challenge may be the transition of identity, from being a student to becoming a member of the workforce. There are many aspects such as the work environment, regulations, and systems that require familiarity and learning. However, with the support of company leaders and the assistance of colleagues from the research institute, human resources, and administration, I was able to adapt relatively quickly.

Q3:What attracts you the most about Delton Technology (Guangzhou) Inc(DTI)?

A:I believe it can be summarized into three aspects: philosophy, personnel, and atmosphere. The company's philosophy of pursuing quality and focusing on technology provides technical professionals with broad space and platforms for development. The dedicated and innovative individuals at DTI, who strive for success and practicality, along with the united and positive company culture, allow me to work with a group of like-minded people who share the same passion.

The Power come from perusing beauty

This is the interpretation of "Her Power" by eight goddesses.

It is precisely this Her Power

that injects positive energy into the companys development.

In Delton, there are more people like them,

shining in different positions.


Delton wishes all female employees to become more beautiful and confident!