Automotive electronic cooling plate
    Release time:2022-12-29    Views:865
    Delton Technology Inc has been committed to high-end PCB manufacturing with high-speed and high-frequency as the main products, which are mainly used in data center, cloud computing, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, automotive electronics, security and printing and other terminal fields. Delton has long served well-known customers at home and abroad. Over the years, the company's scale and technical capability have maintained continuous and rapid growth in the PCB field, and have been evaluated as excellent suppliers and long-term strategic partners by the company's main customers for many years.
    Product Introduction

    With the driving assistance system becoming more and more popular and the on-board information system becoming more and more complex, the bandwidth demand of the on-board network is also increasing. At the same time, the Ethernet circuit used to control the driving assistance system is also becoming more and more complex. The heat dissipation demand of the related products assembled in the car is also increasing, and the heat needs to be transferred from the chip end to the environment in time, otherwise the related electronic components will be damaged due to the high temperature.

    The main technology of the board is to evenly coat the heat dissipation material on the PCB, so that the electronic components can timely dissipate the heat through heat conduction when working, and assist with other heat dissipation methods, so that the high-power components can work normally.